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Uppercut Signs Editor Danielle Sclafani


Danielle Sclafani
Danielle Sclafani

Creative editorial shop Uppercut has added editor Danielle Sclafani to their roster. Sclafani joins Uppercut after serving as an editor at Crew Cuts, where she spent nearly seven years cutting spots for the likes of CVS, Starbucks, GE, Accenture and IBM, among others. Her distinct visual storytelling style and passion for creative collaboration have fostered a reputable list of repeat clients, and a reel that showcases a wide variety of styles and genres. Sclafani continues to allow her film background to inform her work in the commercial space, extracting compelling narrative and emotion from the script to convey stories that speak to the masses.

“It’s great to join a company that is constantly pushing the envelope in visual style, puts emphasis on collaboration and takes storytelling to the next level,” noted Sclafani. “Micah has set the creative bar high at Uppercut, and I am thrilled to be joining the very talented and curated collective of editors.”

Click here to view her work.

“Danielle edits with such focused and deep emotion,” added Uppercut executive producer Stefanie Bassett. “She can make you laugh, make you cry, and feel everything in between. We are very proud to add such a strong female editor to our roster.” Owner/Editor Micah Scarpelli concludes, “We have created a very collaborative working environment at Uppercut, welcoming creatives and directors in our doors and edit rooms until the best product possible is discovered. Danielle shares our ideals and work ethic, and brings a strong point of view and incredible style to the table. She is a perfect fit for Uppercut.”

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