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2C Conjures Up Digital Magic for Nickelodeon’s Every Witch Way


To kick-off a new season of its series, Every Witch Way, Nickelodeon turned to 2C for a magic-filled launch campaign. The Miami-based creative agency helped execute Nickelodeon’s promotional vision through a custom shoot and visual effects.

With the series in active production, 2C’s biggest challenge was maximizing time with the cast while trying to execute creative with intensive visual effects, four unique narratives and technical challenges introduced by the locations. Without the benefit of motion control, many of the key scenes were still shot over green and in plates to give them maximum flexibility in post. Shooting things out of sequence while racing meant everyone had to be on their game to prevent continuity mistakes and plates and scenes not lining up, not to mention getting the best acting performances.

“We knew Nickelodeon wanted to bring a glossy, Hollywood blockbuster feel to this campaign, so we had to work smart to bring our own creative magic,” explained Brian Eloe, director and creative director at 2C. “Shooting on Alexa and putting the scenes together in plates gave wonderful material and maximum control to achieve that glossy aim.”

Once in post, 2C added photoreal 3D elements in the scenes to enhance the believability of the effects, especially the freezes. A conscious decision was made to remain true to magic effects of the actual show, so all of the overlay spells were crafted to look and move like they do in the series. Finally, a detailed color grading session was used to enhance the overall theme of “things are heating up” and to elevate the look to something more like an image campaign. The resulting deliverables included three, 30-second spots and a longer-form music video piece.

“From planning a highly conceptual shoot to the final stages of post, 2C brought our vision to life in a true collaborative effort that we are extremely proud of,” said Veronica Cepero, director of production at Nickelodeon.

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