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2C Media Helps The Weather Channel Launch Hacking The Planet


LR-DestructiveThe Weather Channel recently turned to 2C Media for a creative promo campaign to help launch its newest original series, Hacking the Planet, which premieres Feb. 28. The Miami-based production company was asked to develop fresh, graphics-based concepts that captured the show’s premise – an exploration of the cool, sometimes odd ways that we may someday be able to control our own weather and prevent natural disasters.

The Weather Channel’s senior producer Philip Olshanski and creative director Mark Fredo worked with 2C to narrow the ideas to a concept based on a mixed-media approach, which is actually incorporated in the series itself. The two resulting promo spots combine hand-drawn animation with 2D and 3D illustrations. Graphics are accompanied by punchy conversational copy, quirky sound effects and a music bed that pushes the entertaining nature of the animation.

LR-Hacking the PlanetIn one promo, creative graphics demonstrate how weather has become more extreme, more destructive and more costly in the past two decades before posing the question: “Is it possible to stop these disasters before they happen?” The other promo asks viewers to imagine sucking the life out of a hurricane, catching lightning in a bottle or zapping a tornado with microwaves. After all, “nature can be one nasty mother.”

“The promos are fantastic and really capture the essence of this fun, quirky series,” said Fredo. “Animation is spot on, and everything comes together to build anticipation for Hacking the Planet in the way it is best served.”

2C Media has collaborated with The Weather Channel on promo campaigns for such series as Deadliest Space Weather, Coast Guard Florida and Coast Guard Alaska.

“A cool show like Hacking the Planet deserves a great campaign, so we were happy to join forces with The Weather Channel team again on such a project,” said 2C Media president and co-founder Chris Sloan. “These spots – spanning animation disciplines – really showcase the digital talent of both TWC and 2C Media. We hope viewers enjoy watching them as much as we liked creating them.”

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