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32TEN Expands Studio Capabilities



32TEN Studios’ new ProJet HD 3000 3D printing system.
32TEN Studios’ new ProJet HD 3000 3D printing system.
San Rafael, Calif.-based practical special effects company 32TEN Studios announced that over the past month, it has expanded its studio capabilities with the addition of a 15 x 30 foot ventilated paint booth, a small insert stage with a 10 x 15 foot greenscreen, and the installation of a high resolution, ProJet HD 3000 3D printing system.

“We are excited to be expanding the capabilities we are able to offer to all our existing clients,” said Tim Partridge, CEO of 32TEN Studios. “The smaller insert stage means we can bring in new clients who don’t need the 60-foot greenscreen on our main stage.”

“With the larger paint booth, we are able to keep all projects in house, no matter how big, and provide our talented scenic artists a safe and comfortable environment in which to work,” said Sean House, 32TEN’s fabrication supervisor. “High resolution 3D printing is having a huge impact in the modeling industry these days, so the addition of this capability at 32TEN Studios now enables us to meet all our clients’ needs, while keeping us on the cutting edge of new technologies.”

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