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Academy Science And Technology Council Selects Students for 2013 Internship Program


The Science and Technology Council of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has selected five students to participate in its 2013 summer internship program, with placements at the Tech Council, Dolby Laboratories, Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Animation Studios. The only one of its kind, the Academy-sponsored program is designed to nurture the next generation of motion picture technologists by providing real-world experience to students interested in careers in motion picture technology and scientific research.

The 2013 Science and Technology Council summer interns and their internship hosts are:

Victor Mateevitsi, University of Illinois at Chicago – Pixar Animation Studios

Ritvik Menon, University of Pennsylvania – Walt Disney Animation Studios

Jaclyn Pytlarz, Rochester Institute of Technology – Science and Technology Council

Wei Wang, Texas A&M University – Pixar Animation Studios

Xi Xu, University of Illinois at Chicago – Dolby Laboratories

These five students were selected from among applicants who underwent a rigorous vetting process by a panel of Tech Council members. The applicants submitted demo reels of their work, which were reviewed and evaluated for technical aptitude, innovation, creativity and originality.

“Our hope is that these extraordinary, young innovators will lead in the development and deployment of next-generation motion picture technology,” said Elizabeth Cohen, Ph.D., the Tech Council’s internship program chair. “This group of highly skilled interns from diverse backgrounds will spur advancements in creativity and fuel new toolsets for artists.”

Now in its seventh year, the summer internship program provides a 10- to 12-week, hands-on experience that helps students gain a deeper understanding of advanced motion picture technologies. During the internships, the students will also attend several Academy-related events in Southern California and the Bay Area, including meet-and-greets with industry experts.

Established in 2003 by the Academy’s Board of Governors, the Science and Technology Council provides a forum for the exchange of information, promotes cooperation among diverse technological interests within the industry, sponsors publications, fosters educational activities, and preserves the history of the science and technology of motion pictures.

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