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Armen Kevorkian Joins Encore’s VFX Team


Encore, a Deluxe Entertainment Services Group company, has added Armen Kevorkian to its growing visual effects department. Kevorkian will be working as an in-house VFX supervisor on many of the projects that come through Encore. Kevorkian has – as a client – collaborated with the members of Encore’s VFX team quite a few times over the years on a number of shows, most recently on the pilot for Unforgettable, which was picked up by CBS for the fall season and will continue to utilize Encore as its VFX vendor.

“Armen has extensive experience in all aspects of the VFX workflow,” said Bill Romeo, senior vice president of television for Deluxe in Los Angeles. “He understands VFX creation from conception to on-set supervision to overseeing teams of animators and compositors. And as a former VFX supervisor on the production side, he has a unique sense of the client’s needs on a show. He is a great addition to our team.”

“Coming to work at Encore just feels right,” said Kevorkian. “They have so many great artists – that goes without saying – but I’ve also always liked the way they do business and collaborate with their clients. It’s a unique facility that way.”

Previously, Kevorkian served as VFX supervisor for four seasons of the popular series The Ghost Whisperer and on a number of other series and made-for-TV movies including Studio 60, Brothers and Sisters, the SyFy Channel thriller Mammoth and ABC‘s Invasion.

Before taking on supervisor responsibilities, he served as a VFX coordinator on shows including Alias and the Star Trek franchises Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise.

Kevorkian has received multiple Emmy and VES award nominations for his VFX work.

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