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Light Iron Launches Mobile Dailies Application


Light Iron announced that its iPad-based LiVE PLAY mobile dailies application is now available from the iTunes’ apps store. LiVE PLAY is an automated interactive playback system that enables users to monitor metadata-rich files – often directly from a camera – and simultaneously review takes and add comments on multiple iPads.

LiVE PLAY enables collaboration amongst principals on set, furthering creative and technical communication between the production, visual effects department, the studio and the editorial team. Directors, cinematographers, visual effects supervisors, script supervisors, and other key production personnel have the ability to review camera takes or pre-visualizations in high definition.

LiVE PLAY’s tools include instant HD playback, database creation and metadata management, regardless of how many iPads are in use.

Light Iron has already received positive feedback from directors and producers who have used the app in beta testing. According to Light Iron CEO, Michael Cioni, several directors suggested that the application be available on iTunes. “We now have clients who rent multiple iPads so that they can leave them in different places to view their dailies,” said Cioni. “The response has been overwhelming.”

Clients include Columbia Pictures, Walt Disney Studios, Lakeshore Entertainment, NBC Universal and Electric Entertainment.

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