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Calabash Animation Hits The Right Notes with Lucky Charms Spot


"Rainbow Music"
“Rainbow Music”

Calabash Animation recently delivered a new animated spot entitled “Rainbow Music” for Lucky Charms via ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi, New York.

“It’s one of the more colorful Lucky spots we’ve ever done,” said Wayne Brejcha, Calabash’s creative director. “We knew that we were going to get a lot of gorgeous color out of the pipe organ especially with rainbow marshmallow bits flying around. The challenge was controlling what could have easily turned into a cacophony of color. The misty forest setting gave us the opportunity to incorporate a lot of deep blues and turquoises off in the distance – all of which needed to be fine-tuned scene by scene.”

In the spot, Lucky the Leprechaun magically transforms a tree stump into an enormous, rainbow-colored pipe organ. As Lucky plays, waves of colored lights emanate from the individual pipes, which contain magical Lucky Charms bits. A sour note triggers the organ to explode in a blast of rainbow-colored light, raining cereal onto the kids who are always after his Lucky Charms.

For executive producer Sean Henry this spot was one of Calabash’s most sophisticated projects to date, relying heavily on subtle lighting and color to drive the look.

“This spot features some elaborate lighting effects and design, and really takes advantage of the CG medium,” Henry said. “A lot of consideration was involved in the cinematography and composition within the frame. We’re constantly exploring and experimenting creatively with limits of CG, and thankfully we have clients that encourage us to push their ideas even further.”

“This is one of the few Lucky Charms spots in which the kids don’t chase Lucky, and he doesn’t chase after them,” Brejcha said. “The absence of a big chase scene made possible some quieter moments where we could concentrate on the performances and expressions of the characters.”

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