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Cat Shit One Launches on YouTube and DVD Simultaneously


Cat Shit One was nominated for a 2011 VES Award.
The producers of the animated short film Cat Shit One are offering a free online screening of the film for a two-week period, to help promote the film’s DVD release. IDA, Inc. (International Digital Artists) is showing the film, which was nominated for a VES award earlier this year, uncut on YouTube.

“If it’s going to happen anyway, then I’m going to do it! This is my passionate response to rampant piracy,” said producer Junya Okabe.

Screenings are limited to the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Based on original comics by renowned war manga artist, Motofumi Kobayashi and published by SOFTBANK Creative, the film tells the story of a team of rabbit commandos, Packy and Botasky, from the Carrot Military Service, who charge an terrorist stronghold to rescue civilian hostages.

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