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Content Creation Company Bigstar Studio Launches


LR-bgstr_logo_studioNew York-based motion graphics and design company Bigstar has launched Bigstar Studio, a new content creation company.

“As the content creation and visual branding landscape shifts, trusted creative relationships are tapped for new approaches,” said Josh Norton, Bigstar Studio executive creative director, who also runs Bigstar. “At Bigstar, our clients in broadcast and entertainment have been asking us to do more, and for a branding company with a holistic all-hands approach, we saw Studio as a natural evolution.”

The new division will specialize in content creation, integrated marketing and traditional advertising campaigns. Although housed under the same roof, it will operate separate from Bigstar, which focuses on motion graphics and design.

“The attention to detail, brand awareness, thoughtful communication and dedication that it takes to grow a motion graphics company very much applies to any creative problem solving,” said Norton. “As of now, Bigstar and Studio speak to different audiences and allow us freedom on both sides to function without having to stay in the same approach or even infrastructure.”

The current roster includes Tyler Greco, Marcus Jones, Noble Jones, Trey Nelson, Eric Soloway, Ed Hahn, Jim Cooper and Norton. Overseeing the day-to-day operations will be executive producer Carson Hood, who comes from a sales, VFX and commercial production background.

“We offer a wide range of talents, and we have unique directors and creatives who can fill a specific niche,” said Norton. “There’s no redundancy here. We complement, not compete, with each other.”

Bigstar Studio has already lined up a number of projects with high-profile clients, including a campaign for DirecTV; original content for a partnership between Just for Men and Men’s Health; and an online video campaign for State Farm with Gawker.

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