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Ghost VFX Opens Vancouver Facility, Names Gillian Pearson as Studio Manager


Ghost VFX
Gillian Pearson (Photo: Ghost VFX)

Visual effects house Ghost VFX are opening a new studio in Vancouver, British Columbia, and VFX expert Gillian Pearson has been named as the site’s Studio Manager. Ghost VFX currently has facilities in Los Angeles, Copenhagen, London and Manchester, making the Vancouver studio its fifth facility.

Pearson’s extensive career in the entertainment industry includes co-founding the Lost Boys: School of VFX visual effects college. She’s credited as VFX Producer on projects like A+E/History‘s Six and two seasons of Project Blue Book and has also acted as Production Manager and Studio Manager at CoSA VFX for three seasons of Warner Bros TV/Fox‘s series Gotham, and worked on feature films The Conjuring 2 and Foxcatcher.

Ghost VFX President Tom Kendall said about Pearson’s hiring, “We feel very fortunate to welcome Gillian to our leadership team and have the utmost confidence in her abilities to establish the new facility as the area’s go-to studio and recruit an exceptional team of Vancouver-based talent. Her industry expertise, knowledge and relationships are highly valued and will complement the global synergies our teams have been able to achieve in an ever-changing, dynamic industry.”

Pearson responded by stating, “I’m very excited to have joined Ghost VFX, both for their exceptional creative quality and the great people and leadership. I look forward to the Vancouver studio becoming a valued member of the international group – a place where artists thrive, and amazing projects are made.”

The new Vancouver studio is located at 2339 Columbia Street, Suite 200, Vancouver BC Y5Y 3Y3. You can get more info by contacting [email protected] or go to the website

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