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Hydraulx Launches Hydraulx Filmz


Greg Strause (left) and John Duke DuQuesnay
Greg Strause (left) and John Duke DuQuesnay
Playa Vista-based visual effects house Hydraulx announced the launch of a new production stage and camera equipment rental division called Hydraulx Filmz. The new location offers clients a 40,000 square foot facility with 22,000 square feet of usable sound stage space, 25-foot high ceilings and 60’ x 30’ green screens. Hydraulx Filmz will also rent camera and lens packages, with an inventory that includes nine Red Epic Dragon 6K cameras, four stereo camera rigs with matching lenses and a QTake Video Assist System.

“We have decided now was a perfect time to expand our business model by launching a stage and equipment rentals business,” said Hydraulx owner/founder Greg Strause. “We have created a truly unique production pipeline, by connecting all the pieces. All of our equipment talks to each other. We have assembled everything imaginable here under one roof, for any kind of film, TV, commercial, music video, corporate or multi-media production.”

The new Hydraulx Filmz facility also includes a DI projection theater connected via 10 Gbps fiber for color grading and watching dailies, as well as a dressing room, makeup room and three entry bays for loading materials.

“We offer an all-inclusive stage rental, along with an extensive camera and lens department,” said John DuQuesnay, operations manager for Hydraulx Filmz. “We can shoot 3D here, and have just added 6K Dragon Sensors for our Red Epic Cameras. We also provide one of the very few QTake Video Assist Systems in Los Angeles. Our company provides the ability for producers and production companies to just walk into our facility and, within an hour’s notice, be ready for a full production. A crew can come here, shoot and leave. They don’t have to spend time breaking down, or returning any rental equipment, after end of production.”

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