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Imagineer Systems Appoints Mik Wells Head of Engineering


Mik Wells
Imagineer Systems announced that it has hired Mik Wells as head of engineering. With more than 15 years of experience in the high-end film and video software industry at companies including Avid Technology and Softimage, he brings significant expertise in 3-D, compositing, effects and editing real-time 3-D simulation and training software to the company.

“This is an exciting time to join the team. Imagineer Systems has done some truly amazing things with Planar Tracking and the mocha family, and I’m looking forward to exploring even more opportunities to take this innovative technology into new territories and solve more workflow problems for VFX artists,” said Wells. “Being a part of this team is a wonderful opportunity for me to stay well connected with the film and video industry that I know and love.”

Wells brings a solid understanding of the complexities of color science, color management systems, 2-D and 3-D compositing, rendering and broadcast standards. He is also well acquainted with the processes of postproduction and digital filmmaking. During his time at Softimage, Wells played an important technical and supervisory role in achieving integration of an OpenGL-based 3D-DVE/Titling application into Avid|DS Nitris. Prior to that, during his time at Avid Technology/Parallax in London, he was a senior engineer on Media Illusion – a resolution-independent compositing, effects, paint and editing software package for the high-end film and video industry. He was also the product architect for Jester – a digital ink and paint system with integrated effects and compositing.

As part of his role with Avid Technology as a graphics card expert, Wells participated on standards specification committees (OpenGL ES and OpenGL).

In his new role at Imagineer Systems, he will lead the software engineering teams in new technologies and continued development of the mocha product line.

“Since mocha has been widely adopted into more complex film and visual effects workflows, Imagineer is investing in our engineering team and continued development of customer-requested features such as Python scripting, native stereo support and more. We are very excited to have an engineering manager with Mik’s level of expertise and deep industry history as part of the team,” said Ross Shain, chief marketing officer, Imagineer Systems.

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