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Impossible Delivers Promo Campaign for Animal Planet’s Tanked


Promo for new season of Animal Planet's hit series Tanked.
Promo for new season of Animal Planet’s hit series Tanked.
Denver-based Impossible was recently called on to produce a fun, high-concept promo campaign to help launch the new season of the Animal Planet series Tanked, which starts March 22. The goal was to build anticipation for the new season by exploiting the inherently comedic exchanges of stars Wayde King and Brett Raymer and giving viewers what they love most – ordinary objects-turned-extraordinary aquariums.

The two spots combine live action and CG to augment reality as King and Raymer go head to head in the ultimate “tank off.”

“It’s a competition of beautiful minds with an everyday diner serving as a source of unlikely inspiration,” explained Impossible creative director Brian Eloe. “The core idea was that everyday objects – which to you and me are ordinary and mundane – are to guys like Wayde and Brett, ‘Could you tank that?’ opportunities.”

As the inventors conjure up outlandish tank ideas, whimsical graphics fill the screen, deliberately void of any real technological meaning, but rather steeped in the humor viewers have come to expect. The graphics move with the camera in a larger-than-life fashion, stacked in depth of field, some sharp and others out of focus. As tanks are created out of a coffee pot, sugar shaker and table top, the visions get successively bigger and more elaborate, demonstrating that nothing is off-limits.

Impossible collaborated with Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM) and its fish experts to properly construct and populate the unique aquatic creations.

“Having worked with Impossible’s super talented team on other great projects, we had tremendous confidence in the really fun concept they brought us. We knew they would deliver an extremely high level of execution that would translate into incredibly entertaining creative,” said Animal Planet’s senior creative director Michael Eisenbaum. “We love these spots.”

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