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Legend3D Upgrades Stereo-3D Conversion Pipeline with IRIDAS


San Diego-based 2D-to-3D conversion studio Legend3D recently made a significant investment in its stereo conversion pipeline with a major deployment of IRIDAS SpeedGrade NX, FrameCycler DDS and FrameCycler PRO systems. The upgrades include eight SpeedGrade NX suites, eight FrameCycler DDS review systems, and over 500 seats of FrameCycler PRO to ensure every employee has access to stereoscopic review on their desktops.

With large teams of artists working on multiple scenes for review, adjustments and approvals, Legend needed a system that would enable them to work on several scenes simultaneously, create multiple options for client review, and deliver scenes for viewing to one of many screening rooms.

Legend3D is credited with the stereo 3D experience on such films as Pirates of the Caribbean, The Green Hornet and Alice In Wonderland, and is currently working on several other stereo conversion projects.

“Legend3D has become synonymous with visually stunning, immersive stereo 3D. They are a company who prides themselves in their ability to leverage technology innovation to deliver high quality, lightning fast results for their clients,” said Lin Kayser, CEO of IRIDAS. “With a combination of multiple SpeedGrade NX suites, FrameCycler DDS and FrameCycler PRO systems, the team now has unparalleled creative flexibility to make parallax adjustments, use advanced pan and scan tools and in real time, compile multiple 3D sequences for playback.”

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