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MK Films Group Adds Two Executive Producers


Mark Klein, Amy McIntyre, Darren Weninger, Susan Weninger, Joe Mosko and Noreen Szeluga
Mark Klein, Amy McIntyre, Darren Weninger, Susan Weninger, Joe Mosko and Noreen Szeluga
MK Films Group, an international film and digital production studio has announced several major personnel changes. Joe Mosko, staff producer since the inception of the company was promoted to executive producer/head of production on June 1.

Amy McIntyre was brought into the company as executive producer/director of sales, also effective June 1.

For the past 23 years, Mosko has been working within the Midwest production community in a variety of capacities. He has an in-depth understanding of production from the newest digital workflows, to color correct artwork production and modelmaking. This background has enabled Mosko to consistently deliver productions on-time and on-budget for the studio and the client. When MK Films Group landed the Wendy’s account in 2009, Mosko began functioning as both producer and executive producer for this account. Now with this promotion, Mosko will take over as executive producer for all MK accounts.

“My goal is always to make sure the client is getting not only what they want, but also what they need,” said Mosko. “In the end, the film that goes out the door is our reputation, so every project must be approached with the same spirit.”

“We want the entire production to be as smooth as possible from start to finish,” he added. “Our clients often express how relaxed and comfortable they feel throughout the process, and this is made possible by having directors, crew and a production staff that are all working as a unified team. The collective experience of these people allows us to foresee issues and adapt to last minute changes – a staple of our creative industry.”

McIntyre has been producing commercials for more than 15 years. She has extensive experience in all types of production: tabletop, live action and animation. She brings this ability to see the whole picture to the EP/sales position at MK. Having a Sales arm that has a working knowledge of these processes is critical to the success of the company.

“I’m excited to be representing MK’s top directorial and production team talent to the advertising community,” McIntyre said. “Complete understanding of all aspects of the production process will allow me to provide viable and successful solutions to our clients broad based commercial production needs.”

MK Films opened in 2004 with a single director, founding member Mark Klein. Noreen Szeluga was his executive producer partner.

Today this production facility shoots internationally. Clients come to Chicago to shoot from as near as New York or Kansas City, and as far as Mexico, Japan, England, France and Poland. Top accounts currently include Wendy’s, Pantene, Long John Silver’s, Swiffer, Neutrogena, Olay, Cascade, Taco Bell and Coors Light.

The roster of directors has grown from Mark Klein to a team of five: Klein, Darren Weninger, Ky Dickens, Michael Nakamura and Michael Ognisanti.

More than a year ago, Klein turned the leadership of the company over to Weninger and Susan Amory Weninger. Today, Klein and Noreen Szeluga, along with Weninger and Amory Weninger look forward to a celebratory 10th year and the start of the next decade for MK Films Group. Klein remains as one of MK Films busiest directors, with Szeluga continuing in an advisory role.

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