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Persistence of Vision Launches New Unit


Previsualization provided by POV for the game “Age of Wu-Shu.”

David Dozoretz, president and founder of Persistence of Vision (POV) announced that the Hollywood-based previsualization company has launched a new multi-media content unit. POV has worked on such motion pictures as the Star Wars prequels, and the Mission Impossible and X-Men film franchises. The new unit will supply POV’s creative services to producers of TV commercials, video games, webisodes, music videos, and other non-feature film content. Initial projects from the unit include spots for Microsoft, Snail Games and Nike.

POV specializes in creating a computer animated version of its clients’ content quickly and inexpensively, allowing content producers to experiment, revise, budget, schedule and eventually produce their projects with cost savings.

“During the recent past, we’ve discovered that it’s not just major motion pictures that are taking advantage of the benefits of previs,” Dozoretz said, “Commercials, video games, music videos, web content and other mediums are also incorporating the previs process early within their production pipeline to derive better results in a shorter amount of time. This is the reason we felt the time was ripe for us, now, to launch our new multimedia content unit.”

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