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Rampant Design Tools Launches Digital Media Studio


Rampant Design Tools has announced the launch of its new, state-of-the-art design facility, the Rampant Digital Media Studio. Equipped with the newest camera technologies from RED and Black Magic Design, the Rampant Digital Media Studio is designed to handle the rapid growth and accelerated demand from customers for newer, more sophisticated drag-and-drop VFX elements.

“For the last four years, we’ve set up temporary studios all across the country, borrowing and bartering time on sets and setting up shop as needed,” said Sean Mullen, president and founder of Rampant Design Tools. “As the years have gone by, we’ve had a burning desire to set up a more permanent spot. We have a massive in-house list of content that we would like to create, and that list is only getting bigger. Plus, in addition to the custom work we are hired to do for some of the larger shops, we get a constant stream of requests from customers for more advanced content. We’ve been blessed with a really supportive customer and fan base and thanks to them, we can finally start building on the ideas that have been stuck in our heads for some time.”

The Rampant Digital Media Studio takes advantage of today’s advanced camera technology. “We’ve invested in the RED EPIC and the Black Magic Cinema Camera systems and are amazed at how well they both play together,” Mullen said. “The BMCC has turned out to be a workhorse for us. I love the latitude of the frames; the waveforms are sick and just ideal for the kind of effects we’re creating in our new elements.”

“We are also using various lighting rigs from Nila Lights, Lite Panels and ARRI; and we’re using Canon Cine Prime and Zeiss Compact Prime Cine Lenses for the ultimate ‘looks’ for our effects,” he said.

Rampant Design Tools offers a time-saving approach for budget- and time-crunched editors who need to quickly add quality VFX or design elements to their projects. Rampant services are compatible with all editing platforms and compositing applications that are able to read Quicktime files, including Adobe Creative Suite (After Effects and Premiere), Sony Vegas, Media 100, Apple Motion, NUKE, Apple Final Cut Pro, FCP X and Avid Media Composer. They are also designed to complement filmmakers’ and VFX artists’ pre-existing workflows and integrate well with pipelines comprised of VFX and color correction systems.

All of Rampant Design Tools newly launched systems are available now, for $99.00 each.

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