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Reel FX Signs Senior Flame Artist Dan Margules


Dan Margules
Dan Margules

Digital studio Reel FX announced that senior Flame artist Dan Margules has joined its Dallas facility. With over 15 years of experience in the VFX industry, he has worked on commercials for such brands as Kellogg’s, Harvey’s, Budweiser, Hyundai, McDonald’s, Energizer and TD Bank.

“Bringing Margules into the creative mix at Reel FX is key to achieving our goal of focused growth in our top talent pool,” said executive producer of editorial, Carrie Holecek. “We are thrilled with Dan’s award-winning skills, creative passion, and speed in the suites. Our clients absolutely love the finesse and collaboration he brings to each project!”

After earning a degree from the Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology, Margules spent a year working for a local video company before coming on board with Toronto design/VFX shop, Crush. He spent 10 years with the company, working on commercial projects and working his way up to a staff Flame artist. In 2008, he joined 567 Visual Effects as senior flame artist, spending three years at the facility before going freelance. After four years working with VFX shops in Toronto, Margules decided to seek the warmer climate of Dallas, Texas with Reel FX.

“Reel FX has done so much incredible work, and they only continue to grow their creative capabilities and outputs,” said Margules. “There are no limits on the work that can be done here, and I’m excited to be among a group of such immensely talented artists and producers.”

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