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Royale Slamdunks Launch Spot For New Nike Shoe


Royale’s Nike Hyperdunk+ launch spot “Evolve.”

Motion design and production studio Royale was recently tapped by Nike to create a launch spot for the new Nike Lunar Hyperdunk 2012+ shoe, which premiered during Game 5 of the NBA Finals and will air globally. The revolutionary footwear comes equipped with a set of sensors that allows players to measure advanced performance metrics, like reaction time and vertical leap.

“Evolve” is an exhilarating :30 glimpse into the technology that goes into this new basketball shoe. In the spot, a CG video game controller deconstructs and transforms into the new shoe – its pieces and panels moving intelligently and dynamically. The shoe’s ability to elevate a player’s experience with the sport becomes visually synonymous with its vertical leap, as it soars into the air.

Royale has collaborated with Nike on numerous projects over several years. For “Evolve,” Royale was tasked with highlighting the various aesthetic elements new to the Hyperdunk 2012+, as well as the new sensors.

“It was important to capture the benefit of everything together, as one exceptional unit that can enhance your game,” said Brien Holman, Royale partner/creative director. “When Nike approached us about this launch spot, we jumped at the opportunity to partner with them again. We crafted a fully CG spot highlighting the Hyperdunk’s innovative technology that unites real-life competitive gaming and social media.”

“As the flagship product, we had to make the spot exciting, robust and high-tech to emphasize how the shoe will revolutionize and evolve the sport of basketball,” said Jayson Whitmore, Royale partner/creative director. “This project was not only creatively rewarding, but it also reinforces the trust given to us by the client.”

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