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Splice Hires VFX Artist Patricio Fernandez

July 31, 2014 07:52 | By
Patricio Fernandez

Patricio Fernandez

Minneapolis-based creative studio Splice has hired visual effects artist Patricio Fernandez. His credits include such feature films as Wrath of the Titans, Terminator: Salvation, Iron Man 3 and Captain America: The First Avenger.

“Adding Patricio has immediately bolstered our visual effects department,” said Splice producer Drew Sondeland. “He has the know-how and experience to be plugged in early, providing our clients with valuable pre-pro insight. His vast capabilities have already opened up a lot of new exciting opportunities for Splice.”

“I’m thrilled to have Patricio join the team,” said Splice VFX artist Ben Watne. “He brings decades of experience, but more importantly he has an eye for the subtle details that take shots from being good to being great. He also has a wide-ranging skill set. We can plug him into pre-production. He can supervise on-set, create his own CG elements, and then do the final composite on a shot. That kind of versatility is very important for a studio like ours.”