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Splice Hires VFX Artist Ryan Markley


Ryan Markley
Ryan Markley

Minneapolis-based creative studio Splice has hired VFX artist Ryan Markley whose film credits include Deliver Us from Evil, The Expendables and The Mechanic.

“What’s great about Ryan is that he can work quickly towards a photo-realistic result, and he’s got incredible range,” explained Ben Watne, head of Splice’s VFX department. “He can handle a wide variety of CGI tasks and do them all well, and on a deadline. I know whatever he’s assigned will be done right, and that’s a great feeling to have when taking into account the complexity of the work we put forward to our clients.”

Known in the VFX community for having created the title character in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D and blowing up MacLaren’s Pub in How I Met Your Mother, Markley has worked in a variety of capacities throughout his career in film and television. He has had tenures at Worldwide FX, Scoundrel VFX as well as working on theme park media and augmented reality at Falcon’s Digital.

“I joined Splice because I felt it was a very unique opportunity to be part of an insanely talented team of artists working in a creative, collaborative environment,” said Markley. “On top of that, Splice appeared to truly appreciate and respect each artist. My feelings were well founded, as my experience here has been nothing short of wonderful.”

“Ryan and I have worked on many projects over the past few years,” said Splice VFX supervisor Andrew Sagar. “So when we had to add to our VFX crew, Ryan was my first call. He has a great blend of artistic, technical and leadership abilities, which is very difficult to find in just one person. I am looking forward to collaborating with Ryan on the projects here at Splice.”

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