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Cinematographer Timur Civan Uses Litra for Home-Shot Lifestyle Spots


Timur CivanFilmmakers, craft and crew have been forced to find new ways of working under the pandemic circumstances, and cinematographer Timur Civan discovered a way of tackling some of those challenges with the use of Litra lighting products, specifically the LitraPro™ Bi-Color and LitraStudio™.

Civan found himself filming at his own home with the help of his family, next door neighbors (who are actors), friends and pets, but more importantly, he put together a Home Studio Production Package to help him keep working when he needed to create footage for the world’s largest furniture and home accessory retailer and its summer campaign. Since this footage would be seen on broadcast and cable television as well as in YouTube ads, Civan needed to make sure he could create the same warm images he would normally create in a studio.

This involved using Litra’s battery-operated LED lights, which allowed for him to avoid the complication of having to hide cables. The LitraPro Bi-Color was used by the kitchen sink and garden window, its 1200 dimmable lumen output and 3000-6000°K to add texture. Its small size allowed it to be “hidden in plain sight,” according to Civan.

One scene involved four actors sitting at a dinner table clinking glasses, which involved a string of practical garden lights and tea candles, as well as the LitraStudio.  That RGBWW fixture is a
mere 5.5” x 3.9” x 2” yet emits 3000 lumens of 97 TLCI fully tunable, dimmable color. Civan made up his own quick reference guide to match color output with other popular LED brands, and then he pushed the output to add an inviting rosy hue to the commercial’s finale

You can learn more about Litra’s lighting products at its official site.

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