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Directors Chair 5050 Workshops Resume on August 27


Directors ChairThe New Hollywood Collective has announced that its Directors Chair 5050 workshops will resume with a focus on diversity and representation by mentoring women directors, BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ directors, as well as those with disabilities, veterans and progressive men.  The next 3-hour workshop will take place on August 27 at 6pm PDT with  the title: “Directing the Short Film.”

The description for the panel is:

Directing The Short Film – This workshop guides you through the process of preparing a short film for shooting. Pitch and write your short film of 10 pages or less, finance your film, cast your film. The workshop ends with a comprehensive career guide or be in physical production (Coved 19 – permitting). Special Industry Guest Speakers to be announced.

You can get more information or sign up by Emailing [email protected].

The idea of these monthly panels is to mentor underrepresented directors and storytellers, claiming that New Hollywood 5050 participants have been getting hired, getting movies at film festivals, and receiving awards.

From the official announcement:

Are you a female or BIPOC director with dreams of joining a TV Show or directing a studio feature?
Then these Directing workshops are for you!

Our Directors are getting accepted into Film Festivals and Getting Best Director Nominations!

We are currently living in uncertain times, but as a creative/writer/filmmaker now is a great time to knuckle down and develop and write your next project. Hollywood is finally listening and the desire for diverse & Female creatives is stronger than ever in the studio & streaming platforms!

Instead of worrying about what comes next, use this downtime to hone your skills or learn a new one and be ready when the industry comes back next year!

You can learn more about the New Hollywood Collective on its Facebook page.


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