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2C Media Delivers Promo Campaign for Party Down South


LR-CMT_PDS_S2_Concept1_003-emailLR-CMT_PDS_S2_Concept1_003CMT recently tapped Miami-based 2C Media to promote the launch of the second season of the network’s popular original series Party Down South, which premieres in early June.

“Going into season two, it was important to build on the show’s momentum with viewers by tapping into what they’ve grown to love so much,” said CMT senior creative director, promos, Leslie Legare. “Having worked with 2C on the series launch, we knew they would deliver the kind of strategic creative needed to take the campaign to the next level.”

2C Media conceptualized and developed the campaign creative – three 30-second launch spots and eight 15-second character spots designed to put the cast front and center. Built around the concept of “it’s what we do,” the spots play up the characteristics of eight larger-than-life personalities.

2C worked with music video director David Rousseau to capture the unabashed party atmosphere of the show. Rousseau and 2C creative director Brian Eloe co-directed the production, which involved filming a menagerie of little scenes set up to visually identify each character.

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