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32TEN Entertainment Launches


San Rafael, Calif.-based 32TEN Studios announced the launch of content development and production company 32TEN Entertainment.

The new division already has a slate of projects in various stages of development including an episodic event series titled Cannibal Reign, a film written by Phillip Hudson titled The F.I.O.N.A. Prototype, the web series FX Titans and Master Model Maker, a reality competition show.

“We are looking to develop projects that can be produced in northern California, making use of the amazing locations available to us here, along with the experienced creative talent that we’ve worked with here at 32TEN Studios,” said 32TEN president and CEO Tim Partridge. “Our intent is to add significant production value to each production by utilizing our own facility, with the world-class effects crews we know.”

Cannibal Reign, based on the Thomas Koloniar book of the same name, tells the story of a group of survivors living underground to avoid the mayhem above after an asteroid strike hits North America and ends the world as we know it. Eventually, the group must leave the safety of their hideout and face the horrors of the world above if they are to be rescued.

“We loved this book as soon as we read it,” said Partridge, “and knew that we wanted to bring it to the screen. The story and characters are compelling, and the post-apocalyptic theme lends itself to the kind of work we do here.”

The F.I.O.N.A. Prototype is a sci-fi thriller. “The story covers a very interesting stage of A.I. development that has yet to be seen on screen,” Partridge explained, “and sci-fi is very close to our hearts, especially given the legacy of the 32TEN Studios facility and staffers.”

FX Titans is a web series that chronicles the early days of computer generated special effects in the film industry. “We’ve been interviewing the pioneers of this art form and are currently editing those conversations,” Partridge reported.

Master Model Maker is a reality competition show that pits 15 model makers against each other, the winner earning a spot on the effects team of a major Hollywood movie. The show will be filmed in the actual shop where many iconic movie models were created. “This show is compelling to anyone who grew up making models and movie lovers who want to get a behind-the-scenes look at the process. Making models for movies is a fun and challenging process with some frustrating times that makes for an entertaining reality show.”

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