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740 Sound Design Expands


740 Sound Design's new mix room. (Photo by Juergen Nogai).
740 Sound Design's new mix room. (Photo by Juergen Nogai).

740 Sound Design has opened a new audio postproduction facility and added mixing to its sound design services. The expansion enables the company to move into television, digital media and select documentary films in addition to the commercial work it has done for a decade. The facility is also enabling 740, which previously shared space with a local music company, to reposition itself as a pure sound design and mix studio.

“Expanding into mix was a natural next step for 740,” said owner and executive producer Scott Ganary, who mixed feature films and TV for more than two decades before founding the company. “Every bit of sound design I’ve produced over the past 10 years has been oriented toward what the final product would sound like in the mix and on the air.”

The company’s new state-of-the-art facility is equipped with Pro Tools systems for 5.1 mixing, voice over, ISDN, foley, ADR, audio laybacks and more. Some 10 times larger than the company’s previous space, the facility includes two mixing stages, two voice-over/foley rooms and multiple sound design rooms, all adjacent to the agency-rich Playa Vista community.

According to Ganary, the economic downturn didn’t deter 740 from expanding and repositioning. He was confident that major clients would stay with the company. In fact, Ganary took advantage of the recession’s more affordable real estate, low interest rates and rock-bottom equipment costs to increase the quality and control of 740’s product.

740’s recent credits also include Intel, Barclays, Audi ads and the Montana Meth Project‘s latest campaign for Venables Bell & Partners; Nintendo, HP, Comcast, Frito-Lay, Cheetos and Denny’s ads for Goodby, Silverstein & Partners; Ladders and Travelers ads for Fallon; Nissan for TBWA/Chiat Day; as well as work with Campbell/Ewald, Saatchi & Saatchi and the Target Corporation. The company also holds numerous sound design credits with RPA, including “Mecha Mosquitoes,” part of the Honda Fit campaign.

The new studios were designed by Peter Grueneisen at Nonzero Architecture and built by Oscar Mata at H&H Construction.

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