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Agni Interactive teams with Mind’s Eye Studios for Kaptara


San Francisco-based Agni Interactive recently collaborated on the upcoming animated film, Kaptara by Mind’s Eye Studios. Kaptara is a new take on a classic Greek myth – the story of Theseus, prince of Athens, and his epic battle with the Minotaur – a flesh-eating monster with the head of a bull and the body of a man. It is a unique blend of history, horror, and Bronze Age science fiction.

The CG animators relied on motion capture technology to help produce the film.

Agni Interactive provided storyboards, 3D assets and matte paintings during the film’s pre-production and production stages. The company developed key matte paintings that were the result of a unique look crafted during film conceptualization and storyboarding, and this art inspired the overall cinematic feel for the film. Agni Interactive also worked with Mind’s Eye Studios to create a teaser – an online graphic novel that serves as a prologue to Kaptara.

Crushed by the armies of Kaptara, the city of Athens is forced to hand over its children in sacrifice to a bloodthirsty god. Only the crown prince Theseus, the founder-king of Athens who is credited with the unification of Attica and the invention of democracy, dares to stand against the empire to do battle with the Minotaur.

Mind’s Eye Studios’ co-founder Patrick Canning has worked in the film and animation industry for over a decade for major studios and boutique production companies. “With Kaptara, our team at Mind’s Eye was committed to producing an animated feature of the highest possible quality, comparable to that of a major movie studio – but with the incredible cost efficiency of various tools unused by the big guys,” explained Canning. “We were able to leverage powerful design tools and techniques used in the video game industry and outsource our work all over the world. Like most production perfectionists, we take pride in our work and are even more proud of our communication with vendors like Agni Interactive. Through a proprietary process called ‘Outsourcing Plus,’ Agni’s talented team of artists in Hyderabad, India, (who I believe to be some of the best in the industry), were managed by a creative team here in California, so there were none of the usual outsourcing hang-ups like communication errors or cultural misinterpretations.”

“Agni Interactive was involved in almost every step of the process, developing the original storyboards and then creating digital assets and matte paintings throughout production,” he added. “Furthermore, they put together a beautiful prequel comic for us, thereby expanding the brand into other artistic mediums… From an art standpoint, their artists helped us blend the historical Bronze Age with the steam-powered science-fiction elements integral to our story.”

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