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Animated Storyboards Delivers New Spot for Camimex


LR-Camimex_StillLos Angeles-based animatics shop Animated Storyboards recently delivered an animated 60-second spot called “Cineminuto” for Camimex via ad agency Y&R Mexico. The spot aims to educate Mexican citizens on the wide community impact of the mining industry, taking a full circle viewpoint of how minerals being mined underground are the true foundation of nearly everything we interact with on a daily basis. “Cineminuto” follows the mining process, from initial curation, all the way through consumer use.

Animated Storyboards created the initial animatic for the spot and, following a successful previs version, was then tapped to craft the full animated version.

The spot, created in the company’s New York office, uses 3D animation and delivers lifelike movement through motion capture created with their in-house system. ASB designer Nethery Engblom and ASB animator Yuri Kasprivski collaborated closely with Y&R Mexico to create unique and customized character designs for the spot that fuse a light cartoon aesthetic with authentic movements.

With a bulk of the overarching design vision established during the animatic phase, the team was able to amplify the animation for the final version, adding character nuances and expanding certain sequences.

“There were so many efficiencies throughout the process by keeping the same creative team on the project from animatic through broadcast,” explained Animated Storyboards CEO/president Ezra Krausz. “Our team had already been collaborating with the agency throughout the animatic phase, and when it came time to begin broadcast animation we knew how to make the creative vision come through easily and quickly.”

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