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Argonon Expands with New West Coast U.S. Base and Changes For Leopard USA


Lindsay Schwartz ArgononArgonon, the supergroup of seven independent production companies, is expanding its U.S. operations with a new West Coast base, while appointing Lindsay Schwartz (pictured), former senior VP of development at Story Street, as chief creative officer for its Leopard USA production banner. At the same time, Argonon has launched Argonon USA to help grow the company’s visibility in North America with new acquisitions to expand its reach.

Argonon CEO James Burstall will head the new U.S. arm, supported by current Leopard USA chief operating officer, Shirley Escott.  Schwartz will report to the two of them, operating out of the company’s new L.A. headquarters. Based in Manhattan, the production company Leopard USA currently produces the hit show, House Hunters International.

Burstall commented on the changes via press release: “The next phase in the group’s evolution will expand our horizons and broaden our content ambitions in the US, where we will be investing in talent as we grow out of the COVID-19 climate. The appointment of the hugely impressive and talented Lindsay Schwartz as Leopard USA CCO in our new West Coast bureau will enable us to build the company out further, expanding both our range of content genres and potential network partners. The launch of Argonon USA is another landmark for the group and we’re looking for talented companies in both the production and digital space to help us drive expansion across the continent. The opening of our new West Coast base will open up new conversations and we’re hugely excited by the opportunities this will present in a fast-changing content world.

“I have followed Leopard USA for many years and admired their hugely successful and long-running formats such as House Hunters International,” Schwartz added. “It’s the perfect time to join this talented team and help power the next phase of growth, both on the East and West Coast. Our ambition is to identify popular new formats across a range of genres and take Leopard Films USA to the next level.”

The changes include a number of other internal promotions with corporate controller Matt Widmayer becoming Leopard USA’s New York bureau chief and Livvy Clackett becoming executive in charge of production. Jillian Brand remains the senior VP of development for all of Leopard USA.


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