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Artistry in Sound Expands with New Mix Stage


Mixing consoles at Artistry in Sound
Artistry in Sound, Hollywood-based audio post facility, has announced the opening of its new mixing suite. The new stage features dual Icons mixing consoles, full HD projection, ProTools 10 and JBL Cinema Sound loud speakers. On the heels of this expansion, Artistry in Sound completed work on two Lifetime movies, Ring of Fire and An Amish Murder, in the new suite.

Ring of Fire, which tells the story of June Carter Cash, was a complex project,” said Kenneth Johnson, owner and founder of Artistry in Sound. With this in mind, he brought in mixer Rick Ash as the re-recording mixer handling dialog and music. “I have worked with Rick on many HBO projects previously and always appreciated his talent and work ethic,” Johnson said.

Integrating the production dialog on Ring of Fire as it transitioned into song was critical.  “It was important not to allow music to feel like pre-records,” Ash explained. Crowds and atmospheres were also integral to creating a natural space for the music to live, so extra care was required while creating reverbs, delays and atmospheres. The music was richer than much of the production sound, so in some instances it needed to be degraded to create a uniform sound field.

“In An Amish Murder, the production dialog was very challenging,” Ash continued. “Canadian exteriors in late fall made for brittle footsteps and production debris.” The Amish interiors were exclusively old wood floors, littered with pops and creaks, accompanied by room slap and echo. Rain and weather also posed challenges. These factors set within a restricted mix schedule of three days made for a challenging production mix.

Ash said it was a gratifying experience working with Solomon and the new stage at Artistry in Sound. “I’ve opened many stages over the years and am grateful to say, Artistry in Sound has done a great job,” Ash said.

Johnson started his own facility after getting a call from Dean Devlin asking him to do all of the sound design for the show Leverage. Artistry in Sound was officially in business with employees and even became a Union signatory. “I wanted to create an artistic atmosphere as well as the ability to accommodate the challenging budgets of today’s market” Johnson explained.

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