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ASC Tech Committee


The American Society of Cinematographers has organized a technology committee which will recommend standards and practices for applications of technology which affect the art and craft of filmmaking. The committee chaired by Curtis Clark ASC, includes some 50 cinematographers and technology thought leaders from all sectors of the industry. The initial focus is on camera, digital intermediate and projection technologies. Clark says, “The goal is to “cut through marketing hype and make informed recommendations which serve both the art of filmmaking and the public interest.”
Clark and a delegation of technology committee members will discuss the intentions of the committee and and will answer questions during an open forum held in the ASC/ International Cinematographers Guild theater at the Entertainment Technology World conference at the Los Angeles Convention Center at 3 p.m., June 7 (friday). For additional information visit the ASC website (

there should be a rule against writing late at night and relying on your memory for dates. the date in frinday, June 27 (not 7) and the time is 12:30-1:30 p.m. Thanks for spotting that. Let me know if you have some time when you are in L.A. bob

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