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Carbon VFX’s Leo Nguyen Crafts Intro for 2015 Kickstarter Film Festival


LR-ksff3 copyDesign director Leo Nguyen of creative studio Carbon VFX was recently called on to craft a pre-roll video designed to whet the audience’s appetite for the 2015 Kickstarter Film Festival.

According to Nguyen, who joined Carbon VFX this past summer, the Kickstarter Film Festival producers provided him with plenty of space to work. “The initial brief was quite loose in that we were asked to create a video that would pre-roll before the festival showcases, with a trailer as our only point of reference,” he said. “I saw this as an opportunity to present something fresh and exciting to the client – to experiment and push the already-realized identity of the festival.”

Inspired by typographic projection, Nguyen was able to splice Kickstarter Film Festival assets and manipulate simple elements to create a more complex look and feel.

“What was particularly appealing to me is the way simple typography can obtain a different characteristic as it bends and distorts on different three-dimensional surfaces,” he explained. “The slightest reposition can repurpose the characteristics of a type and how we interpret its meaning. This little bit of intrigue can project a certain mood and paint a context without much need for its supplementary visuals. This core sensibility became the main motivator for the project, and the perfect extension of the festival’s identity.”

Nguyen had a minimal amount of time and resources to work with. He relied on Adobe After Effects for both design and editing to bring this project to fruition.

“I do feel that through the challenges of limitation, an aesthetic is shaped by the trust and respect of the audience’s role to fill in the negative space,” he said. “This is just as unique and interesting as the designer’s immediate point of view.”

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