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Cinema Audio Society to Present Parade Of Production Sound Carts Seminar


Photo by Edward L. Moskowitz.
Cinema Audio Society president, David E. Fluhr, CAS, announced that the society’s latest seminar, the Parade Of Production Sound Carts Seminar is scheduled for Oct. 15, from 11 a.m.-1:30 p.m. at the Local 80 sound stage in Burbank, (2520 Olive Ave).

“This year our Parade of Production Sound Carts Seminar continues the Cinema Audio Society’s commitment to bring to the industry, the public and the next generation of filmmakers educational events at no charge that demonstrate our dedication to the advancement of sound,” said Fluhr. “CAS board member Paul Vik Marshall, CAS, is creating what promises to be an informative and interactive event by displaying and discussing the various and uniquely individual sound cart setups required for recording the various show formats: film, television, commercials and reality TV. This seminar stands in the tradition of previous standing-room-only, cutting-edge seminars conducted by the CAS in previous years.”

Currently the following mixers are scheduled to appear: James Berek, CAS; Seth Cooper, CAS; Lori Dovi, CAS; Keith A. Garcia, CAS; Gary C. Gossett, CAS; Michael “Kriky” Krikorian, CAS; Paul Vik Marshall, CAS; Coleman Metts, CAS; Steven Michael Morantz, CAS; Edward L. Moskowitz, CAS; Charles E. Slemaker, CAS, and Jon Michael Tendrich, CAS.

The Parade of Production Sound Carts Seminar is offered at no cost to members of the CAS, MPSE, AES, SMPTE, IA Local 695 (sound), press, film students and anyone involved or interested in the motion picture film and television industry.

For information, contact: [email protected]

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