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Dallas-based AndTransfer Sold


Brandon Tyler
Brandon Tyler and Dylan Rogers have acquired Dallas-based telecine boutique AndTransfer from founder Neil Feldman, who is retiring. Feldman opened his doors in the 1970s to serve numerous advertising agencies located in and around Dallas that wanted local state-of-the-art telecine and color correction technology.

Tyler, who will serve as president, and co-owner Rogers are both industry veterans. The new owners plan to expand technical capabilities and customer service.

AndTransfer professionals on the team with Tyler and Rogers include Steve Franko, Kelly Riemenschneider, Terry Hall and Russell Franklin, all of whom have been with the company for many years and have extensive experience in the industry.

“We want to expand and perfect what we do best,” said Tyler. “In addition to our traditional capabilities, we will soon introduce some of the newest approaches on the horizon in commercial and long-form color correction, archiving, restoration, transcoding and data distribution.”

“We’re products of the digital revolution,” said Rogers. “We’ve had experience behind the camera, in technical suites, and at executive levels here and in California working for and with numerous recognized successful enterprises.”

Literally born into the cable TV industry – with a father and grandfather who are both cable TV operators – Tyler spent his early years learning the art and technical elements of video, film, TV and cable with television production companies, as a graphics specialist for Cowboys Weekly for Fox Sports Net, and, under his own brand, as the producer and filmmaker for TCU Football Highlights and DVD projects. The 2011 fall season begins his second decade shooting the highlights and traveling with the team. He’s also worked as an independent videographer for a number of large corporations including ESPN. He spent nearly six years with FUNimation Entertainment running their anime channel before heading up the FUNimation digital video group.

Rogers met Tyler while at FUNimation. Rogers had stints at Allied Film & Video (later Allied Digital Technologies), where he advanced to lead duplication operator and then assistant editor doing offline edits and audio syncing for dailies; and Vision Wise, where he was an MPEG-2 encoder and lead DVD author. He became lead DVD author at FUNimation Entertainment and expanded his contributions to create the early workflows for digital distribution to iTunes and Xbox Live.

Before joining AndTransfer, he was with Burbank’s Ascent Media as a digital media engineer and with Technicolor, where he helped create much of the automation used in creation of client deliverables and developed processes for day-to-day operations. He also worked closely with the development team in positioning new global strategic product offerings.

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