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Annual Colorist Mixer for December 12 Announces Line-Up


Colorist MixerThe annual Colorist Mixer, organized by the Colorist Society International (CSI) and the International Colorist Academy (iColorist) has announced the line-up for its 24-hour online event. It will include talks and presentations from some of the world’s top colorists, technology companies and post-production leaders. It will also include a Party Zone featuring prizes, games and break-out rooms.

KevinShawColoristMixerThe mixer’s opening remarks will be an informal chat between CSI president Kevin Shaw and Colorists Warren Eagles and Diego Yhama, discussing how 2020 and a certain pandemic affected an important part of the post-production industry and what lies ahead as it goes through radical changes.
Keynote speakers for the mixer will include Walter Volpatto, CIS, Hollywood; Andreas Brueckl from FutureWorks Media, Mumbai; and Mark Toia, writer/director of the new film Monsters of Man.

Companies represented at the mixer will include SGO, Dolby, Abelcine, Asus, WarrenEaglesfxphd, Flanders Scientific, Red Giant, Filmworkz and Eclipse Tech, who will be offering technology demonstrations on topics including color grading technology, look-development software, HDR displays, remote workflows, cameras and more.

You can register for this year’s Colorist Mixer HERE.

Other highlights for the 24-hour mixer include:

Film Restoration
, a spirited session highlighting best practices, insider knowledge and hacks from Marc Wielage, VP color & workflow, Chroma; Gary Adams, product specialist, broadcast and digital film restoration, Blackmagic Design; and Blake Jones, CSI, colorist, editor, instructor and consultant.

How to Start a Boutique Post House, hosted by Juan Ignacio Cabrera, founder DiegoYhamaand lead colorist of LightBender, Santa Monica.

Women in Film
, a panel discussion with colorists CJ Dobson, Junbin Chen and Andrea Chlebak on their experience as women in post-production, oderated by CSI board member Sarah Priestnall.

Meet CSI ANZ, a lively chat with colorists Warren Eagles, Jarryd Hall, Deirdre McClelland, Luciano Marigo-Spitaleri and David Gibson, m
embers of the newly-formed CSI chapter in Australia and New Zealand.

SarsahPriestnallJZ Speaks, technology guru Joachim Zell, formerly with EFILM/Deluxe, Technicolor Thomson and Grass Valley, reveals what’s coming next in production and post-production workflows, ACES and imaging science.

ICA Tips and Tricks 2020, in two sessions ICA Instructors Diego Yhama, Kevin Shaw, David Catt, Blake Jones, Yuki Ariandi, Francisco Ramos and Warren Eagles share their top new techniques and favorite discoveries of the past year.

Note: The schedule is subject to change.

Sponsored by Colorist Society International (CSI). International Colorist Academy (iColorist), AbelCine, Asus, Dell Technologies, DolbyVision, Eclipse Tech, FilmConvert, Filmworkz, Flanders Scientific Inc., fxphd, Mixing Light, Portrait Displays, Red Giant and SGO, the mixer will also include prizes given throughout the event that include discounts for ICA classes, licenses for Mistika Boutique Professional Immersive Edition, a Resolve V17 Mega Pack, membership to fxphd, memberships to Mixing Light, a Dolby Vision Mastering and Playback license, MultiDock, 4k mini UltraStudio, Red Giant subscriptions, an Asus ProArt Display, machine time from Eclipse Tech, Filmworkz subscriptions and a Dolby Vision Mastering & Playback license.

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