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Cut+Run’s Sean Stender Edits Levi’s Skateboarding in Oakland Campaign


LR-Levis_5-2Cut+Run editor Sean Stender recently collaborated on a Levi’s Spring/Summer 2015 campaign. “Skateboarding in Oakland” captures the excitement of the fearless young riders that inhabit West Oakland’s De Fremery Park.

High school teacher and community activist Keith Williams approached Levi’s Skateboarding to help realize his dream of a permanent skate park in his West Oakland neighborhood. A community effort supported by Levi’s made this hope a reality. Imprint Projects, known for culture-driven projects for Levi’s, Sonos and other clients, collaborated with director Ryan Reichenfeld to highlight this endeavor. Instead of turning the lens on the effort behind this renovation, Reichenfeld, a former pro skater, and Imprint Projects creative director David Kramer decided to focus on the local kids, accompanying a number of skateboarders to the park and around Oakland over the course of several months.

In between filming sessions, the team collaborated on the edit, and discussed any needed scenes and footage for the next shoot. They worked closely, and spent time crafting the story, which would ultimately be shaped into a 10-minute film. Nearly everything was shot MOS, with recorded interviews layered over dreamy, sun-soaked visuals.

Stender also edited 60 and 15-second spots, where music is a driving narrative force.

“It was amazing, and initially daunting, to work over such a long period of time,” explained Stender. “Ryan’s creative vision was very specific, but he also understood that the conversations and actions would provide direction along the way.”

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