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Deluxe Opens Audio and Dubbing Facility in France


Deluxe announced the opening of its new postproduction facility for audio and dubbing services in France. The facility is located in the Saint-Cloud area, just west of central Paris. It features five ADR stages, two 7.1 theatrical mixing stages and a 5.1 mixing stage.

Fred Taieb, a 25-year veteran of the dubbing industry, has joined Deluxe France as the facility’s director of audio services.

“It will be of immense strategic importance for Deluxe to have a world class dubbing and mixing facility located in France,” said Ron Horwitz, senior vice president of localization services at Deluxe. “This new facility will be of great benefit to our regional and studio customers. This ties into our worldwide localization solution, which we offer our customers on a global basis.”

Deluxe offers comprehensive postproduction, localization, distribution and asset-management services around the world.

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