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Director Ivan Grbovic Creates Action Spot for RSM’s Global Rebranding Campaign


LR-rsm-1mCap Gun Collective director Ivan Grbovic recently delivered a 60-second spot entitled “The Gauntlet ” for a new commercial campaign for tax consultancy RSM via agency Luquire George Andrews (LGA).

Conceived as a visual metaphor for RSM’s tax and logistic consulting services, “The Gauntlet” tells is an action-packed story that depicts actor Emil Shevelev as a modern business owner who runs a real-life gauntlet.

“The metaphor is clear,” said Grbovic. “Together with the agency and RSM, we wanted to use an elegant, cinematic visual style to dramatize our hero’s thoughtful movements, and his clear sense of purpose, from beginning to end.”

LR-rsm-2mTo capture all the highly choreographed footage of their hero running full-speed through various business obstacles, Grbovic (who also served as the project’s director of photography) and Cap Gun’s executive producer Jason Botkin enlisted production services company Les Enfants. Working on various locations in and around Montreal, an ARRI Alexa with vintage anamorphic lenses was used for principal photography, while a Steadicam was used for tracking shots.

Grbovic’s cinematic treatment for the project also extended to its editing, visual effects and score. Editor Brandon Porter of Whitehouse Post in New York worked closely with the agency to combine dynamic action with calm counterpoint moments to draw viewers in. Subtle visual effects touches from Carbon VFX also played key roles in the finished spot.

“We handled shoot supervision, color grading, greenscreen composites, digital matte paintings, CG and all the motion design,” explained Carbon’s creative director, Flame lead and VFX supervisor Kieran Walsh. “Carbon’s close integration with Whitehouse and Cap Gun was essential in providing a seamless creative experience.”

The final sound design and score was mastered by Barking Owl Music.

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