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Element X Creates an Oreo Adventure for Chili’s


LR-oreo_04Dallas advertising agency MindHandle recently tapped animation shop Element X to create a new spot celebrating the reintroduction of one of Chili’s most requested items – the Oreo Topped Molten Cake.

The spot features two miniature alpine explorers on an expedition to reach the summit of one of these desserts.

“We were given the goal of building excitement around this popular menu item that has become an all-time favorite of Chili’s guests,” said Ken Womack, MindHandle executive creative director. “Viewing Element X’s reel actually helped spark our concept. The unique, miniature stop-motion treatment we selected allowed us to get in tight for maximum appetite appeal and really sell the generous portion size.”

Kevin Paetzel, MindHandle CD/Writer, pointed out, “Our only pre-existing asset was a still photo used for print. Having worked with Element X before, I knew they would embrace this as a golden creative opportunity rather than a limitation.”

Element X executive creative director Chad Briggs oversaw the project along with senior producer Tony Rucker. “We had a blast working with MindHandle. Ken and Kevin really understand the animation process, so it was a very collaborative project all the way through,” said Briggs. “Our animation director Luis Martinez nailed the slow-motion action shots that ended up being the pivotal moment of the spot. The client loved it.”

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