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Eyeball Announces West Coast Expansion


LR-eyeball_westcoastofficeCreative and strategic design agency, eyeball announced the opening of its West Coast office.

“The West Coast has long been our second home,” said Limore Shur, eyeball’s founder and executive creative director. “Setting up shop here not only brings us closer to many of the clients and friends we know, it creates new opportunities to engage with a whole different pool of talent, methodologies and ideas.”

Initially formed as a motion graphics studio, eyeball has worked with broadcast networks ranging from PBS to Ovation TV to Univision Deportes. These and other ongoing relationships with major West Coast clients made the move to L.A. a clear next step.

“We’re proud of the successes that made the L.A. office not just possible, but inevitable,” said Ben Spivak, eyeball’s managing partner. “We look forward to being in L.A., and we’re excited to see whom we’ll be collaborating with next.”

Established in 1991 in Shur’s basement apartment, eyeball was built on the idea that professional-grade motion graphics could be produced using desktop computers available to artists anywhere, at a time when it was thought only the most sophisticated and costly machinery could do the job. Since then, eyeball has grown from a homespun Brooklyn outpost to a 50-person four-floor studio in Soho, offering services in design, audio, print, VFX, digital, live action production and brand strategy.

“We are excited to find a more permanent location,” Spivak said.

Eyeball employed set designers to efficiently retrofit the garage space of the Venice, Calif. villa into a versatile studio environment. Since initially opening the studio space, it has spread from the garage into the first floor of the adjacent home.

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