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Fox Taps Henry Hobson For Big-Screen Isaac Asimov Adaptation


Henry Hobson
20th Century Fox has tapped director Henry Hobson of bicoastal commercial production company Alive & Well to helm its upcoming adaptation of the classic 1954 Isaac Asimov novel, Caves of Steel.

The assignment marks the second feature Hobson has set up in recent months. His Maggie, based on an original script by John Scott about a teenage girl’s six-month metamorphosis into a zombie, is currently in pre-production. Scott will script Caves of Steel for Hobson as well.

Prior to directing, the Royal College of Art-trained Hobson built an impressive track record as a graphic artist, title designer and visual effects wizard. His live-action work for Resistance 3 has garnered a great deal of attention beyond his groundbreaking titles work, accomplished while at Prologue Pictures. Sherlock Holmes, Rango, Robin Hood and The Help, along with advertising work for top brands like Nike, Vonage, The NFL and Sony, and recently for AMC‘s hit television series, The Walking Dead, are amongst his credits.

“Commercial directing is my natural home. The ability to innovate and stylishly design short stories with cutting edge creative is my goal in providing the new techniques and exciting visual styles that I’m going to translate to my feature films. Whether it’s the camera tricks I can use in the indie, Maggie, or the blockbuster budget visual effects feature Caves of Steel,” noted Hobson.

Caves of Steel is a murder mystery set a thousand years in the future on an overpopulated earth, where robots are regarded with fear and suspicion. The bleak future setting will present Hobson with a unique opportunity to indulge his visual style in recreating the novel’s dystopian vision for the screen. The film is collaboration with Genre FilmsSimon Kinberg the writer behind X-MEN, Sherlock Holmes and Mr.& Mrs. Smith.

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