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Humble Creates Animated 3D Ad Campaign for Slomin’s Shield


LR-Slomins Burglars_1Home security company Slomin recently tapped New York-Based studio humble to create two new 3D animated TV commercials. The spots, titled “Burglars” and “Factory,” are humble’s first dialogue-heavy, character-driven, all-CGI ads.

“Burglars” recently launched on cable outlets in the New York and other metropolitan areas, and is also on Slomin’s YouTube page. “Factory” is set to launch in Q1 of 2015.

The campaign uses a comic touch to promote Slomin’s offer of free installation of security equipment when using its central station monitoring, while also touching on key features of its service like perimeter protection and interior motion detection. Both commercials feature “Stu” and “Virgil” – the former a short, demonstrative loudmouth, the latter a big, gentle bumbler.

In “Burglars,” the pair is cast as would-be thieves casing homes in a darkened neighborhood, only to discover that almost all of them are protected by The Slomin’s Shield. In “Factory,” the pair is on the assembly line making Slomin’s Shields, when Virgil asks why they have to produce so many. As usual, Stu has all the answers.

Humble executive creative director Sam Stephens and creative director Kris Merc co-directed both spots and collaborated on the script and character design with Slomin’s marketing team, led by VP of marketing Christopher Vitale.

“This campaign is an example of humble firing on all cylinders,” said president and executive producer Eric Berkowitz. “It’s a demonstration not just of our creative abilities in terms of original content and our fluency in collaborating directly with advertisers, but represents a breakthrough in our capability to do high-end character design and 3D animation.”

Berkowitz explained that the advertiser was attracted to humble based on its production capabilities in live action, visual effects, animation and post, as well as its ability to create original content. The studio has written, produced and edited shorts for such brands as and Jaguar on behalf of Sundance Channel, as well as for Canon and its ad agency, Dentsu.

“We saw this as an opportunity to help elevate Slomin’s brand in terms of its look and feel,” explained Stephens. “They came to us with a desire to create an animated campaign that could demonstrate the scale and scope of what they do for homeowners in ways live action just wouldn’t lend itself to. By taking the time to fully develop our vision for Stu and Virgil, we were able to provide them with a couple of really neat characters who’ll help boost their brand equity.”

“Design is a major part of our process,” added Merc. “We care about the quality of a narrative and its relationship to the visuals, and we wanted to communicate something here that felt fun, interesting and full of heart, and which spoke to the brand in an honest way. Using these characters as a platform to define Slomin’s brand positioning gave us a really cool chance to make something iconic and that spoke with charm and humor.”

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