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69th IATSE Quadrennial Convention Adopts Union’s Most Progressive Agenda


ColorIATSELogoThe International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) convened its Quadrennial Convention virtually for the very first time between July 27 and July 29, where delegates overwhelmingly supported and passed “the most progressive set  of constitutional changes and resolutions in our union’s history,” according to IATSE’s newly re-elected International President Matthew D. Loeb

In addition to re-electing President Loeb, General Secretary Treasurer James B. Wood, 13 Vice Presidents, and three Trustees, the business of the convention also focused on winning better healthcare, achieving diversity, equity, and inclusion, advocating for pro-worker and  family friendly policy. 

Further, the union used the Convention to make several major announcements, including a  Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee led member census in Spring 2022, adoption of a new equity statement, a new slate of education courses and webinars, a new Canada-specific website, and more. 

This follows arguably the most difficult period in the IATSE’s history, where the union’s leaders  and members went to extraordinary lengths to address the COVID-19 pandemic by negotiating  new safety protocols and providing aid to members in need. The bold agenda as passed by the  delegates of the convention sets the stage for the union to maintain its momentum building  power to win for entertainment workers.  

IATSE released the following outline summarizing the developments of the IATSE’s 69th Quadrennial Convention: 

I. The delegates re-elected President Matthew D. Loeb, 13 Vice Presidents, and three  trustees.

II. Resolutions – The delegates of the convention overwhelmingly to: 

  • Advocate for and support federal legislation to protect the right to organize,  expand collective bargaining rights, including but not limited to the PRO Act 
  • Support elected officials who seek to ensure access to voting and fair elections in  the US, while also working with organizations that help folks navigate the voting  process and overcome voter suppression schemes.
  • Fight for the inclusion of Paid Family Medical Leave in CBA’s, and support of  similar family friendly legislation at the local, state, and Federal levels 
  • Review health plans and work to include robust coverage for gender-affirming  medical treatment for Queer and Trans members. 
  • Review health plans to ensure that PEP and PrEP (HIV prevention) are offered  and covered. 
  • Establish a process for conducting and publicizing an annual “census” report  measuring aggregated demographic data 
  • Explore anti-bias and anti-racist trainings, as well as recommending the IATSE  General Executive Board, Officers, and Delegates attend trans inclusivity  training. 
  • Continue exploring development of mentorship programs and partnerships  supporting organizations that encourage inclusion in entertainment careers 
  • Revise and updated constitution and bylaws language to be more modern,  specific, and inclusive. 

III. Announcements 

  • The Education and Safety Department unveiled a new slate of courses and  webinars (Details Soon) 
  • The union launched a Canada specific website at Canada.iatse.net 
  • Major update to international website iatse.net announced – (slated for mid August) 
  • DEI Committee announced a Membership Census in Spring 2022 
  • IATSE General Executive Board adopts new “Equity” Statement 
  • “Wear Your Union Logo Day” will now occur annually on the Friday preceding  Labor Day 


For more information about IATSE, you can go to its official website.

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