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Love of Life Finishes Shooting in Alaska


On the set of Love of Life in Alaska.
A new adaptation of Love of Life – one of Jack London‘s classic short stories of man against nature – recently finished production in the interior of Alaska where the original story was set.

Written and produced by Robert B. Gregg, the plot focuses on a gold miner from 1905 who leaves his claim late in the year, is abandoned by his partner, and must survive the hardships of Alaska to make it back to his fiancé in Fairbanks.

For a writer watching his work go onto film for the first time, it was a great experience, said Gregg, devoid of the infighting and complications that notoriously accompany most shoots.

“The filming went beyond our expectations,” said Gregg. “We had a great crew from L.A. and Anchorage that worked well together. They are true professionals and it showed in the production quality.”

Gregg also gave kudos to the people of Alaska, especially to the military at Fort Greely, Alaska. “The local people and the military went out of their way to make us feel welcomed,” Gregg said. “We would film there again in a heartbeat.”

Kevin Swigert of Sun Valley, Idaho, directed the film. The director of photography was Jeffrey Smith of Los Angeles. Roarke Boes, also from L.A., was the first assistant director.

“I stayed in a house with the director and the director of photography,” said Gregg, “and the images they created express my screenplay in a dramatic and heartrending way. The film produces the emotions of a person facing insurmountable odds, and shows the beauty and vastness of Alaska.”

Set for release in June of 2012, the film is currently in postproduction.

“The editing will take about three months,” said Gregg. “Then it goes to the music composer who will work on the score for about two additional months. After that the final revisions are made and it is digitally finished for release in high definition and Blu-Ray versions.”

Peter Ammel stars in the film. “Peter was fantastic. The consummate method actor,” said Gregg. “Not many actors get the chance to play the lead in their first feature film. And his performance was outstanding. He set an example of professionalism for all of us to follow.”

Also involved in the motion picture, are executive producers Ken Meshigaud, Jeff and Rosalie Naser and Bob Schellenberg.

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