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Mothership’s David Rosenbaum Reunites with Nike for Three Spots


David Rosenbaum of Mothership directed “Hyperwarm” for Nike.
Director David Rosenbaum of Mothership teamed again with Nike to create spots for Nike’s Pro Combat “Hyperwarm” and “Hypershield” cold-weather and water-resistant clothing. Working directly with Nike, Rosenbaum conceived three live-action spots (a :30 and a :15 for “Hyperwarm” and a :30 for “Hypershield”) that showcase athletes’ power and passion, which can’t be tamed by the elements.

For “Hyperwarm,” Rosenbaum shot Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson tearing it up in a cold, empty stadium, flames fueled by the fire inside him ignited by his every move. For “Hypershield,” he shot a female athlete focused entirely on her run – undeterred by a violent hurricane and troubles hinted by the track “Stormy Weather.” Digital Domain handled visual effects.

Rosenbaum worked with Nike, doing weeks of collaborative creative development to bring together the strengths of the product with the goal of the athletes. “These are simple, visual concepts,” he said. “It’s all about the athletes and how Nike’s technology is essentially an extension of their own power and drive.”

This was Rosenbaum’s second experience working with Nike, having conceived and created Biomorph,” the short film that launched Nike’s new shoe technology and earned a 2012 AICP award earlier this year.

Jesse Canright, Global Brand Media Manager at Nike, said, “We had such a great experience working with David, Mothership and Digital Domain on the Nike Flyknit Biomorph project, when this project came along we knew they’d be the perfect creative partners.”

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