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Matthews Announces New Gobo Plate Media Mount


Gobo Plate Media Mount

Matthews Studio Equipment has announced the expansion of its Gobo Plate™ line with the Gobo Plate Media Mount, another affordable and easy-to-use on-set grip tool. For under $100, the Gobo Plate Media Mount is a versatile way to mount monitors that offers more safety and flexibility than the traditional VESA mount.

The newest Gobo Plate was designed to securely mount monitors onto C-Stands with standard 2.5″ grip heads. The Media Mount can also be screwed, bolted and rigged onto wooden beams, set walls, pipes, cheese plates and other locations using readily available grip gear, allowing monitors to be easily positioned and adjusted with a locking pin that offers solid support to prevent possible rolling or spinning.

Gobo Plate
Gobo Plate Media Mount

The Media Mount can be attached to a monitor using Matthews’ 75/100mm VESA mount and its built-in hinge attachment that includes a removable locking pin, so that the Gobo Plate can easily attach to all types of on-set gear, including stands, beams and walls.

The Gobo Plate weighs 16.9 ounces, machined out of a single sheet of 1/8” thick steel, with a clear zinc coating on the outer side and black powder coating inside. A T-slot with V centering quickly secures grip head mounting. Five each ½” diameter, and six each ¼” diameter spaced circular cut-outs ease bolting to heads, lumber, beams, set walls or rod pass through. Two slots at the hinge end fit red hook and loop straps to keep cables managed and organized.

Gobo Plate
Gobo Plate Media Mount

With a low-profile design (7”x4.6” complete, folded depth of 1.4” and open depth of 5.75”), it offers convenient for on-set use as well as at the end of the day when the assembly can be folded down flat simply by pulling the pin. It can then either be removed from the monitor and stowed in a road case, or it can remain attached to the monitor for easy moving to the next location.

Matthews’ Media Mount Gobo Plate is available through the company’s worldwide dealer network. You can see how it can be used in the helpful video below and learn more at


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