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NAB Preview support


NAB is also a huge show for operators, grips, gaffers, and other members of the crew. The back of the central hall is loaded with support and image stabilization equipment, jib arms, dollies, lighting systems—the working tools of the craft of filmmaking.Jadoo Power is showing new fuel cells for broadcast cameras and monitors. Fuel cell technology offers virtually unlimited shelf life compared to traditional batteries.Chromakey specialist Reflecmedia is introducing a new addition to its range of chromatte products—a unique material for greenscreen and bluescreen shots. Intended to be used specifically on the floor, its new Basematte is scheduled to be released later this year.Matthews Studio Equipment is unveiling its new Colornett—a series of fabrics that create shifts in color temperature as light passes through them. A single gold Colornett will lower the Kelvin temperature of the source by 400 degrees. A single silver Colornett will raise the Kelvin temperature by 200 degrees. They can be used overhead or serve as scrims to allow certain lighting fixtures to be isolated and manipulated.The company will also introduce Mini Max, a smaller version of its MAX the Menace Arm, which allows the placement of fixtures where the POV does not allow stands or other lighting support.In addition, the company has redesigned the Vator family of stands to be more grip-friendly. They now have only seven moving parts, new heavy-duty nickel/chrome protection, and a black powder coated surface, reducing reflection and glare.Miller Camera Support is showing its new Sprinter II ENG tripod range, featuring dual Sprint-Lok side-action leg locks that allow users to independently adjust both stages of a 2-stage tripod using one hand. Each tripod leg has two Sprint-Loks, co-located on the upper leg clamp.ARRI has a new automated stirrup offering remote pan, tilt and focus for large daylight and tungsten lighting fixtures. It is designed to eliminate the cost and safety concerns of placing an operator in a Condor bucket on location. Large fixtures can now be mounted on boom arms, tall platforms or in hard-to-reach locations and operated conveniently from the ground. A unique snap-in mounting system supports a wide range of fixtures, weighing up to 176 lbs.

Written by Scott Lehane

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