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Northern Lights’ Josh Towvim Cuts Musical Spot for On The Town


LR-1untitled copyNY-based Northern Lights editor Josh Towvim recently teamed up with director Mark Rosenberg to deliver a dose of unsolicited song and dance to the streets of New York City in the new video “Lucky to Be Me,” from the four-time 2015 Tony Award-nominated Broadway revival of On The Town. Starring Tony nominee Tony Yazbeck, the video takes the upbeat number from the musical to such iconic NYC spots as Grand Central Station, the High Line, Central Park and Times Square, encountering dance partners and unsuspecting New Yorkers along the way.

The video was shot entirely on an iPhone 6 with a 3-Axis Gimbal stabilizer, allowing for a nimble production team that was able to follow Yazbeck’s elaborate footwork and improvised interactions. This, coupled with the contemporary wardrobe, elicited truly genuine responses from onlookers. Armed with these entertaining moments, Towvim worked closely with Rosenberg to weave the interactions into the video, rather than cutting together a more straightforward performance piece, similar to the show’s earlier video (also helmed by Rosenberg) for “New York, New York.”

“By highlighting the reactions of passersby, we were able to capture the full spectrum of how New Yorkers actually responded to a man inexplicably singing and dancing down the street,” explained Towvim. “It totally represents how varied and unpredictable New Yorkers are.”

“Not only did Josh collaborate to bring the vision for the piece to life, but he really took it a step further,” said Rosenberg. “He has a very intuitive sense of the music and instinctively knew the moments of the song that really called for a different action. Tony’s position on the screen and his physical movement always leads into the next shot.”

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