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OTMC Acquires Huahua Media in an All-cash Deal


logo2Chinese internet digital platform and media conglomerate, Oriental Times Media Corporation (OTMC), has announced the completion of an all-cash acquisition of Huahua Media. Oriental Times Media Corporation produces and operates HD digital entertainment platforms and TV shows. The company also designs, manufactures and markets digital measuring instruments. While Huahua Media specializes in film importation, marketing and distribution in China, with recent investments in Hollywood tentpoles, including Star Trek BeyondJack ReacherAllied, and XXX: The Return of Xander Cage.

“Huahua Media is very pleased to be officially joining the OTMC family,” said Kefei Wang, CEO of Huahua Media. “It’s a very exciting time to be in the global media business, and this acquisition will greatly expand our capabilities and enhance the way we do business.”

As a publicly traded company in Shenzhen Stock Exchange, OTMC issued a public statement following the morning transactions. It states that Huahua Media has joined its family of subsidiaries and affiliates which augment each other’s strengths. Together companies shall coordinate development across content, channels, platforms. OTMC now have a dearth of IP, content vehicles, production teams, and their theater, television, and traditional media resources under one roof. They believe that consolidation of their resources through the value chain will bring down the overall cost and increase the value of their products.

OTMC have recently implemented new initiatives in Chinese content to countries abroad. Silk Road Television, a dedicated satellite channel in Thailand, was launched last year, with OTMC providing Chinese language content for its national broadcast.

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